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Support With Purpose - 2021 Fall Appeal

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Support Hospice of Southern Maine!


"The job of a hospice provider is to walk alongside people as they navigate their end-of-life journey. Working to understand the patient’s experience is key to providing care and support at this unique time. With that understanding, I provide advice and treatment that can help shield my patients from pain and suffering. 


Through this work, I’ve been invited into the most intimate moments in peoples’ lives, which in turn has enriched my own life. The knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained over the past 12 years is invaluable. I use this knowledge to do a better job helping my patients each day. It is my hope that I will carry forward the legacy of all the people who have let me into their lives. I’ve always felt extremely fortunate to have found this work, and I look forward to continuing to provide for my patients for years to come. Thank you for putting your trust in me and my team.”

Jason Libby, NP


Thank you to our community for being there for us, so we can be there for others. Please help our care go on for ANYONE who needs us by making a gift today.

Your support makes all the difference – thank you.


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